Ryan Jones

Email Addresses with Purpose

After getting two compliments in as so many days on my email addresses, I’d like to share how I handle emails for different purposes, and also hopefully cut down on tracking and spam.

I use iCloud mail, mainly to avoid keeping my email on Google servers (despite most of it being there anyway). I don’t generally load images either. However to further avoid tracking (which could be moot simply due to using some for sites where one has to share their address), I use iCloud account aliases.

It is simple to set up by signing in to iCloud.com and going to the Mail app. In the lower left-hand corner of the screen is a gear icon, that navigates to the Preferences modal.

Bottom left corner Show Actions menu clicked to reveal preferences Click Preferences

Then move to the Accounts tab. This is where aliases can be created. I have a bunch for a few accounts. One for healthcare, one for financial records, one for car stuff, home stuff, school stuff, and more. Keeps it separated.

Showing the account settings with aliases set up.

I also have a rotating few that I use on random websites to order stuff, then burn when they no longer are needed. Especially for one-off sites, that I won’t frequent again, or staying on a newsletter with coupons is generally never worth it.

Only 3 aliases per iCloud account. And when one is burned, you cannot create another one for a month. I wonder how this will be affected by the iCloud+ will change this when released later this year with their private email feature.

Software versions used at the time of writing: email.