Ryan Jones

Sharing Variables with Sass in Jekyll

On a little light work, I was looking for optimizations to the site. Probably premature, as it usually is, however it is fun to try. One way to do this was splitting up css files into multiple parts, only as needed, as per Google recommendations. I did this with my scss files, but then ran into compilation issues due to missing variables. Looking up the docs for Sass, I could not use @use. This meant going further back to @import.

Email Addresses with Purpose

After getting two compliments in as so many days on my email addresses, I’d like to share how I handle emails for different purposes, and also hopefully cut down on tracking and spam.

Copying URLs with Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro is such a huge app, that it’s almost impossible to know everything it can do, or when it updates to do it. I have been setting up a common shortcut in all the apps I use regularly, where I need a sharable URL or a url for putting in a note to access it quickly without searching. Today, I found a big boost to the reliability in that with some tokens.

Fixing Outlook Exchange Error Code -19703

Using exchange I would get an annoying ⚠️ icon in the status bar at the bottom. Clicking it led to a Sync Errors screen that had a list of errors for one item with error -19703 – Could not synchronize record. Clearing these errors was annoying have to click the trash can icon repeatedly. And yet more would appear.